• The term "Participant" used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person applying for entrance into IRA Icon.


  • Participant understands that he/she must compete in the correct division for his/her age group

  • Participant understands that the REGISTRATION FEE is Rs. 1000 and must be paid with the submission of the Ira Icon Application.


  • Participant understands that the REGISTRATION FEE, ENTRY FEE, and Other FEES are non-refundable and non-transferable; and must be paid in full before he/she can compete in a particular phase of Ira Icon.


  • Participant understands that he/she must compete in the three main phases of competition in order to be selected as an Ira Icon winner

  • Participant understands that he/she must uphold a pleasant, professional, and friendly demeanor at all times while representing an Ira Icon title.


  • Participant understands that the judges' decisions and scoring are final and will not be changed. The names of Ira Icon judges will NOT be released.


  • Participant understands that Ira Icon reserves the right to add, change, or delete any rules and regulations at any time without giving notice.


  • The participant is required to strictly adhere to Ira Icon rules and regulations; and if any of these rules are broken by the Participant, the Participant understands that participation disqualification and title revocation will be the resulting resolution to the matter

  • Swimwear is not allowed in any segment of the pageant.

  • Contestants must compete at the age they are on the day of the pageant.

  • Ira Icon reserves the right to split or combine age divisions.

  • A dressing area will be provided. Each contestant has to get ready at the allotted hotel room and the touchups and basics will be carried out in the Venue’s Green Room.


  • Bad sportsmanship of any kind will not be tolerated. Please cheer everyone on. IRA Icon reserves the right to disqualify any contestant due to bad sportsmanship which includes parental and guest activity. Please alert your guests of this rule.

  • No refund will be given if the contestant fails to attend the Event or is disqualified due to misconduct by the contestant or a family member.

  • Participants must be unaccompanied on stage.

  • Any videos or photographs taken during or after the event may be used by Ira Icon for advertising and publicity purposes not limited to brochures, flyers, web advertisements, and other marketing materials.

  • The scoring system is 1-10 in each category. All judges’ decisions are final and ties will be broken by the judges. Judges’ information will not be given out prior to the contest/event in order to prevent contestants from contacting them before the event.

  • We greatly appreciate you entering Ira Icon and/or allowing your child/children to participate. We wish the best for each contestant and hope that everyone has an enjoyable and fun time.