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Welcome to IRA ICON

IRA Icon aims to fulfil wishes and create a long-lasting happy memory for everyone who deserves Stardom, Fame, Title, Appreciation, Upliftment, Support, Equality and Happiness throughout this ICONIC journey of IRA Icon.

IRA Icon is for everyone who has a Passion towards modelling and an influential career that could eventually uplift many underprivileged categories for a better future

Every Beautiful Soul is invited to be a part of this Event for self-growth, passion, love, affection and Success.

Be A Beautiful Soul that Beautifies World!


IRA ICON 2K21 is a Gala event cum social drive with a unique and discreet approach to connect and unify everyone who is fashion and Modelling Enthusiasts along with small businesses, Local Entrepreneurs, Self Help Groups, Government Initiatives, Celebrities, NGOs and Regular audiences.

IRA ICON 2K21 is focused to unite all aspiring models and influencers to participate win the title of IRA ICON 2k21 along with exciting future opportunities.

IRA ICON 2K21 combines entertainment and glamour with awareness and action for social causes which highlight and strengthen the personality of InTyro and its associated brands.

It is our earnest motivation to be inclusive of all Ages, Genders and Abilities. We also aim to provide a platform for the display of various designs and fashion trends while contributing to a bigger and noble cause.

Let’s join our hands together to WALK FOR SOCIAL CAUSE and Create a difference in the Society

Purpose Of Ira Icon

IRA Icon invites each and everyone to stand together in support of this Event and Participate in their Passion for modeling and influential career that could eventually uplift all the preset categories for a better future.

IRA Icon aims to provide a breakthrough in the career of Aspiring Models, Influencers, and Fashion Enthusiasts by providing them a National Level Platform to represent themselves.

With this Event, we intend to bring together and promote Skilled Designers and Makeup Artists by giving them chance to display their talent and boost their presence across Nation.

We believe- “Charity begins at home but It should not End there.” Hence, IRA Icon focuses on certain underprivileged categories such as Blind People, Physically challenged people and Mentally Challenged People and provide them happiness, fame, funds, and some valuable moments that they shall cherish throughout their lives.

“Money won’t create Success, the Freedom to MAKE it Will” – NELSON MANDELA

How about helping people who don’t want direct Money from you but want to EARN it on their OWN? IRA Icon has empaneled ‘Self Help Groups’, ‘Home Based Women Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Small Businesses’ for your Participation Hamper that will be Curated with Love and Affection. We aim to support “AATMA-NIRBHAR BHARAT” by small gestures of gratitude and monetary support to the needy throughout this Event.

IRA Icon would like to utilize this chance to Appreciate all those who became victims of many hardships but in the end decided to fight back, survived, and helped those who went through the worst. We are privileged to have such Fighters on this Platform and facilitate them with “Honour” for being ‘Unsung Covid Warriors’, ‘Animal Welfare Volunteers’ and ‘Acid Attack Fighters’.

Equality is for All and with this Motto, IRA Icon wholeheartedly welcomes all the aspiring models in the Transgender category to participate and win the Title of IRA Icon along with Cash Prizes and Hampers & slay the world with the “Crown of Pride”. 

How about fulfilling the first wish or maybe the last one for somebody who is a stranger but still the unfulfilled dreams? IRA Icon has invited people from their golden age who are ‘Old-age Home Residents’ and Cancer Patients who will be a part of this Event just to have a cherishable moment of life.

IRA Icon is focused on fulfilling wishes and creating moments for many who deserve Stardom, Fame, Title, Appreciation, Upliftment, Support, Equality, and Happiness throughout this ICONIC journey of IRA Icon.

Event Features

Talent Hunt

Participants from pan India with Hidden talent to be showcased in this iconic event.

Fashion week

An entire week full of fun, celebrities,influencers, renowned designers, makeup artists, fashionistas and gala performances.

Support women Entrepreneurs

supporting 'self help groups' and 'home based women entrepreneurs' for your participation hamper that will be curated with love and affection. 

Supporting small Business entrepreneur

Supporting small-business owners, as they play an important role and we tend to go VOCAL for LOCAL to support Aatma-nirbhar bharat.


We focus on different categories such as blind people, physically challenged people and Mentally challengend people and provide them happiness, fame, funds and some valuable moments.

Equality for Transgender

We support transgender by providing them fair chance to participate in this event and win the "crown of pride".

Honour to Fighters

Appreciation to everyone who fought back hardships and helped those who went through worst such as 'unsung covid warriors', animal welfare volunteers' and 'Acid Attack Fighters'.

Grooming Session for All 

Grooming sessions by Renowned Influencers and Artists Throughout the event

Gujarat tourism 

A short trip to Statue of Unity & also a chance to get happy vibes at Rann Utsav

Influencer Meetup

Many Influencers will be a part of this Event hence You will get a chance to met them all at one stop. 

Awards by Celebrities

Get a chance to win the TITLE of IRA ICON 2021 and receive awards by celebrities.

Explore Inner Talent 

Explore your talent of becoming an Influencer or a model who can create an impact on others and influence people.

Fulfil wishes

'old-age Home Residents' and Cancer Patients Who want to be a Part of this Event just to have a cherishable moment of life are wholeheartedly invited and enjoy this iconic Event.

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