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& Regulation

The following are the official terms & conditions of IRA ICON 2K22. These are applicable to all the participants. All the participants MUST go through the terms & conditions in detail to understand all the points clearly. All participants are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations. Any non-adherence or incorrect information provided may lead to immediate disqualification or termination from the pageant: 

  • The applicant must be a Citizen of India, a legal resident. 

  • Applicants will be required to produce their age proof as and when required by our organizing team (viz. Passport/ Birth Certificate/ School Leaving Certificate/driver's license, etc). 

  • Applicant MUST NOT have been involved in any nudity, pornography, or posed for nude photography, video, or associated with any film under similar impressions either in a partial or complete sense. 

  • Applicants will have to participate in a disciplined & diligent manner in the show, according to the schedule given by the organizers. 

  • Organizers will not be responsible for any delays or non-receipt of application for any reason whatsoever. 

  • Organizers of the event are not responsible for any kind of loss or physical injuries that occur to the participant during the audition process and during the entire show till the Finale. Moreover, the participant must take part at his/her own risk and shall not claim for any theft, injury, or accidental loss that may be financial or physical in nature IRA ICON 2K21 in any regard. 

  • An applicant or the applicant's immediate family should not be related to any of the event associates, event partners, contest sponsors, their subcontractors, or any of the judges. In case, of such a relation, the applicant must disclose the same immediately.

  • During the pageant, activity post selected, all winners and title / sub-title holders must be loyal to IRA ICON 2K22 and give their time, knowledge and high energy to their pageant title only and will not promote verbally or in writing any other pageant through social media or any other communicative or non-communicative platform.

  • Applicants agree that any misbehaving, negative allusions, misconduct, or misrepresentations of themselves or with other participants, vendors, sponsors verbal, written, or through any mode of communication identified prior to or within the event/participation may lead to immediate disqualification without any prior information or without any question or evaluations.

  • Applicants agree not to speak with any media person or talk about internal or external affairs, strategies, results, or activities without informing the concerned authorities of IRA ICON 2K21.

  • IRA ICON 2K21 pageant may disclose any or all the information provided by the applicant, or participant to any person for professional purposes.

  • Applicants agree to authorize the IRA ICON 2K22 pageant and those authorized by the IRA ICON 2K21 to research and verify the information given by the applicant/participant on the application form for the pageant including personal and professional background, character, work history, awards, and qualifications.

  • The schedule of the event & qualifying rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the IRA ICON 2K21 organizers.

  • In the event of war-like situations, curfew or natural calamity, or any government regulations stopping us to move ahead in the project. In any such case, the organizers will not be responsible for the non-completion, or non-occurrence of the event.

  • The organizers are not responsible & answerable if the Celebrities associated with the event do not turn up to the event.

  • Only applicants are allowed inside the designated venue of the preliminaries and no one else.

  • The participants are not allowed to discuss, meet judges or make phone calls during the preliminaries and the finale, if any participant is found not adhering to this, he/she may lead to immediate disqualification.

  • In the event of any dispute, the organizer's decisions are final and binding on the applicant. Deadlines are determined by the number of entries.

  • The decision of the judges is final with no questions or justifications being entertained either verbal or written.

  • Spouses and Guests of all participants are required to pay the ticket price in order to attend the show, they can also stay in the same hotel however in a different room at their own expense if traveling from outstation.

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For More Details & Support

  • All the applicants (Except kids) are required to produce a COVID 19 double dose vaccine certificate at the venue.

  • Theme selection is open to the participants. 

  • A green room would be provided for the changing purpose. 

  • Should carry their tracks in C.D or Aux. 

  • Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the participant from the contest. 

  • All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the event. Anyone violating the rule of conduct shall be disqualified from the event and will be asked to leave the venue.

  • The use of cigarettes, alcohol, and any unfair means is strongly prohibited. 

  • Glass, any type of weapon, and Alcoholic Beverages are totally prohibited in the auditorium.

  • The use of obscene words during screening is strictly prohibited.

  • Only Hindi/English is allowed during the audition.

  • All models must have an operable email address and Contact Number

  • When you walk into the screening please be fully dressed shoes on and ready to walk